Agapè Association ONLUS                                        
The Association AGAPE’ onlus is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 by a group of professionals in the field of youth and families. Among the most fervent promoters of the Association Agapè non-profit organization, and its aims, we must count the current President, Social worker, Elisa Scotto and some young founders, who for years has dedicated its activities to the world of young people and families.

Youth and Families constitute the "Target" main association; AGAPE’ onlus mission is inspired by the Christian message, by the principles of the Italian Constitution and the Charter of Human Rights, with the aim to contribute to the education and training of society, promoting the dignity of the person and respect for life, the family, the school and the safeguarding of the rights and interests of moral, spiritual and cultural needs of citizens, especially the younger generation, defending its legitimate moral and material interests.

The Association AGAPE onlus takes part to the program Youth' in Action Programme 2007-2013 of the European Commission - Directorate General for Education and Culture (, which promotes non-formal education, European projects of mobility 'international youth group and individual through exchanges and activities 'of volunteering abroad, intercultural learning and youth initiatives aged' between 13 and 30 years. Within these Projects, the Association AGAPE onlus aims to promote "active citizenship of young people" in order to give a chance' to young people and their organizations to participate in the development of society 'and the EU; to develop their sense of EU membership; to encourage their participation in democratic life in Europe; to strengthen their mobility 'in Europe; develop the intercultural learning, to promote the fundamental values of the EU; to encourage a spirit of initiative, entrepreneurship' and of creativity '; to facilitating participation in the program for disadvantaged young people, including young people with disabilities; to ensure and promote the principle of equal opportunities' between men and women in the selection of program participants; to offer possibility' of non-formal and informal learning having a size European and create opportunity 'innovative in the field of active citizenship.
Sin Fronteras Sin Barreras Association                                
Asociación Juvenil "SIN FRONTERAS SIN BARRERAS" ia a Youth association, “NO BORDERS NO BARRIERS” was born in Caudete, in 2006, with the main object to open our youngster for the European citizenship, through Youth in Action Program. To reach its principal aim, Asociación Juvenil "SIN FRONTERAS SIN BARRERAS" informs youngster about their oportunities, makes thinking them about the need of active participation in social areas and promotes volonteering amongst young people in our local community.

In this way, Asociación Juvenil "SIN FRONTERAS SIN BARRERAS" organizes each year a different program, with different activities: youth information (stands, fairs, webpage, social networks), volonteer formation, EVS and Youth Exchanges, and out of YIA program, we make also leisure activities for teenagers (12-18 years old) in the Youth Center: workshops, intercultural parties, handcrafts, etc.

SFSB works in three diferent ways:
 - Youth information: presenting to youngster all the posibilities that they have to study, to work, non-formal education, activities, etc...
 - Youth leisure: we making diferent workshops for the teenagers (12-18 years old) in a program called “Alcazul” whose principal objetives are to offer activities for their free time, to get them far form drugs and alcohol.
&emsp- Youth in Action Program: coordinating all the activities of YIA program in our community, informing and developing projects: sending volonteers for EVS, Intercultural exchanges, training courses, etc.

SFSB has in Caudete 3 music “air” bands (with more than 100 persons), rock and pop groups, and another music groups (guitars, accordion, violins, etc), and also a Music School, to preparate the youngster to go to the conservatoire. So, we have a long musical tradition. SFSB involves the young musicians in workshops and another activities, like “free alcohol parties”, Fairs, and concerts.

Considering the notable experience in the field of music projects for young people, SFSB will greatly contribute especially in the part of the SPES project more specifically dedicated to writing music and arrangements, where young people just experienced in music, music bands, will ensure a high quality project from an artistic point of view.