Spes project summary

The title "SPES" in ancient Latin means “hope” and refers to the hope that young people can contribute positively to the change of local communities and likewise to the building of the European Union. SPES is also the acronym for “Singing Participation European Songs”. The term invokes the main objective of the project that use music as a means to encourage young people to participate actively in social and civil growth of their community. Inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, fostering participation and creativity, spreading of European awareness are the priority themes of SPES project. This project gave a group of disadvantaged youth from the sub-urban neighborhoods in the metropolitan area in the east of Naples, in the South of Italy, and from province of Albacete in Spain the chance to express themselves by music and to encourage young people of their communities to active participation. The Italian and Spanish groups joined for their residence in area disvantaged and for their passion for music as a tool for communicate positive values.

The two main objectives of SPES project are:
 a) production of a music album containing “Participating European Songs” that promote youth participation, and dissemination of European awareness;
 b) spreading the “SPES”, organizing events in which spread as much as possible the songs and the messages they contain.

Young people from the two countries will meet in a music recording & production workshops in which they also exchanged views about the necessary steps in creating an album: writing the music, production, recording, and mixing, with all the related technical skills. By participating in the project, the youths gained useful knowledge, stimulated their creativity and enhanced their self-esteem through the recognition of their achievements. The project greatly and positively impacted the community through the dissemination of the “Participation European Songs” by live performances, the production of merchandising, the creation of a website, the publishing of a music disk and Youth forums discussing about the songs messages.

The Participation European Songs will communicate positive founding values of EU: dialogue, respect, tolerance and mutual understanding; the Songs will encourage young people breaking down the walls of separation between people and states: egoism, racism, xenophobia, and intolerance; the Songs will promote among youth the love for their life and respect for the environment and the inhabitants of the world in which they live. The songs will be hymns celebrating the European culture in Europe and around the world!
      Italian Translation