What we do

SPES - Singing Participation European Song - SPeranza-ESperanza is a project founded by European Community – Youth in Action Programme “Action 1.2”.
The SPES project is led by a group of young people from the metropolitan area in the east of Naples, in the South of Italy, and by a Spanish group from province of Albacete in Spain. The Italian and Spanish groups joined for their residence in area disadvantaged and for their passion for music as a tool for communicate positive values.

The main objectives of SPES project are:
a) production of a music album containing Musical compositions and hymns communicating the HOPE;
b) spreading the “SPES”, the HOPE, by internet channels, web sites, social network, organizing events in which spread the message of HOPE contained in the hymns to a local, national, and international audience;
c) Kindle the HOPE in young people by supporting university studies and Professional Vocational Training, European Youth Mobility through fundraising based on the diffusion of musical compositions.

The Diagram briefly describes the Phases and Activities of SPES project.

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SPES APV - Advanced Planning Visit
SPES Music Workshop
SPES Music Writing and Recording