SPES project has a staff team of over 25 people. The SPES project is led by a group of young people from the metropolitan area in the east of Naples, in the South of Italy, and by a Spanish group from province of Albacete in Spain.
Between 3rd and 6th of April 2013, young people of both countries will meet in a four days workshop, organized in Naples (IT), to evaluate the results obtained, along with listening to songs, talking about music and instruments to be used, as well as the development of the project the meeting will also serve to promote the exchange of expertise between the two groups. In this meeting, participants will give a definitive assessment to “SPES Songs”.
The Coach and Professional music-making facilitators will work with youth participants to mentor them in music-making skills and also oversees underpinning their ability to work across cultures and enhancing their skills and opportunities. The workshops will focus on providing a creative platform for the young people to look at ways of turning “negative” into “positive”. The creative approach of the workshops will allow the young people to express themselves in their own language i.e. the language of youth and “Youth Culture” in the form of music.
The MUSIC WORKSHOP will take place at Oratorio Parrocchia Immacolata Tavernanoce, (Volla, Naples) for Intercultural and Coaching Activities will and at Cantine Sonore Recording Studio (San Giorgio a Cremano, Naples) for the music production workshops.

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